Our bloodline is rich with bold, with unique and with a little crazy. We come from across the globe and our history shares no common ground. We love big. We push hard. Our currency is in memories, experiences and our shared time. We bring people together and surround ourselves with the ones we hold dear. Our only demand is that you be you, that you forge your own way and that you never forget those who share your name.

We are the Gaedtke family and we follow our own path.

We are governed by truth, love and drive


Truth is keeping your word and holding others accountable for keeping theirs. Being open and honest to everyone without fail. Not hiding issues and always speaking from the heart.


Hug big. Enjoy time together and welcome others into your life. Be forgiving and look past faults to find the good in all. Show your affection, help people you don't know, share your feelings and love this earth and everything in it without fail.


Fight for what you believe in. Push until you have nothing left and then push a little more. Drive is what sets us apart, it allows us to do things that others can't imagine and it gives us the power to change.

Being a Gaedtke means:

Helping strangers

Opening doors for people

Crying at movies

Playing in the rain

Surviving without help

Throwing parties and always being game for a sleepover

We are doers:

Sure we like to dream, but only for a little while. Doing is what separates us from the rest. It gives us real results and it moves our family forward.

We like style:

We are not boring. We don't do plain. We are colorful, unique and share a love for the details. Speak with style, dress with style and create with style.

We are creative:

Creativity comes in many forms. From art to writing to looking at science from a different angle. But one thing holds true, it isn't doing what has always been done.

We explore:

Our view is sculpted by experiences near and far. We venture into nature, to foreign lands, we fly and dive and take nothing at face value. If we can dissect it, we will, if we can build it better, we do. Our need to explore and enjoy what's different ensures that we ourselves will always see both sides.


Not the "we have always done it this way" kind of tradition, the kind that gives weight to what our ancestors did and their ancestors. We honor them by cooking delicious food they taught us how to make, by celebrating holidays in a specific way and by singing when talking would work just as well. We respect these traditions because they have made this family who it is today.

Give more than you take:

We are privileged with more than we need... We have love, resources and energy to spare. But we don't waste it. Instead, we share it. We give what we have to our friends, our family and our community and we do it without question and without wanting anything in return.

Our legacy:

Every Gaedtke is expected to leave a mark on this earth. Big or small, we all have a purpose. We will search until we find it and we won't leave until it is fulfilled.

Personal Visions:

Shayna Gaedtke: Be your best you.

Rob Gaedtke: Do amazing things.

Carter Gaedtke: Always for fun.

Hailey Gaedtke: Work hard, do your best and be a good person.